Our guests will enjoy staying in our beautifully located waterfront lodge. The lodge is a short 75 yard walk from the beach where bonefish cruise by regularly. The beach is a great place to relax after a day out on the flats.

The lodge accommodates up to 10 guests, two to a room. Our rooms have comfortable beds, AC, satellite TV, microwave, fridge, wireless internet and a full bathroom. Water in the lodge is filtered through from a reverse osmosis system which ensures safe drinking water and salt-free showers. Cell phone networks are available on occasion; a land line phone with a low cost code option is available at the house as well. The lodge has a large open air patio as well as close access to a beautiful ocean side beach.

The majority of our menu is made up of fresh locally caught seafood such as conch, fish and lobster. We offer standard breakfast items, drinks and snacks. Feel free to bring your own snack bars etc. We recommend that you bring some bug repellent for humid days and evenings. though with our proximity to the ocean bugs are usually not a problem.

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