Our guides run traditional style flats skiffs and fish two fishermen per boat. Most of our bonefishing is done from a boat but we can also accommodate fishermen who prefer to wade. The area we fish is big enough to rarely have to fish the same flat or creek twice in a single week which is rare for the Bahamas. The bonefishing and weather are most consistent from January through April which are our main months of operation. Acklins bonefish love knee to ankle deep flats and tail readily when feeding. Fish size averages between 3-4lbs though fish over 5lbs are caught every week.

In addition to bonefish we do have a land locked population of small (10-30 lb) tarpon and snook in a secret lake that fishes well early in the day. You may also see a few tailing permit while bone fishing, but most are found in slightly deeper rocky areas or following rays across soft flats. In April we also start seeing 12-18 lb mutton snapper cruising the flats, which besides being the best eating fish around, are quite a battle on a fly rod.

We do also have excellent blue water fishing near by for marlin, wahoo, dorado and tuna. This can be a great way to mix up a week of flats fishing for those who are interested.

What to bring??

We suggest bringing 8 or 9 weight rods, our favorite is the SAGE Salt series. Reels should be saltwater safe and hold 150-200 yards of 30 pound backing. The most successful flies are typically lightweight shrimp patterns in tan and pink. Tan crab patterns can work really well on permit and bonefish. For tarpon we suggest to bring along a couple 1/0 Tarpon Toads, Black Death or Deciever patterns. A pre-rigged popper on a few inches of 30 lb wire and swivel for cuda is also suggested. Contact Dave to purchase an Acklins fly package with patterns our bones love to eat. Tippet/Leaders: bring a couple spools of 2x and 1X fluorocarbon and tapered 9ft 1X leaders. Bring at least one leader per day of fishing. We recommend light weight, quick dry fishing garb (Patagonia or Simms), Simms light weight Wet Wading socks under comfortable flats boots (Simms boots seem to be the lightest and most comfortable in our experience.) Good polarized sunglasses and spare pair, lots of cleaning packets (A MUST!), sunscreen, a couple hats, sun gloves, rain gear, fanny pack, personal water bottle, small waterproof camera…all the normal stuff.

For equipment purchases we suggest using the Fly Angler for all your gear needs. Ask for Scott Struif, Scott has fished the Bahamas extensively and has designed one of the best bonefish flies for Acklins the Cosmic Flats Monkey. You can reach Scott at the Fly Angler at 763-572-0717.

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